Rare Photos: Leonard Cohen Performing - Amsterdam 1980


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1 December at 03:23

Posted by Allan Showalter:

Rare Photos: Leonard Cohen Performing - Amsterdam 1980

Pete Purnell, who has been a Leonard Cohen fan since hearing him sing Suzanne on John Peel's Top Gear show in 1968, took these striking photos at the Oct 30, 1980 Amsterdam concert. He writes

"Some people have a photographic memory and can quote set-lists and compare various versions of particular songs. The only photographic thing about me is my camera. Sometimes it seems a pity that I can’t go back in my mind and re-live each concert as it was. All I do know is that I had a good time and have a feeling of deep satisfaction at having been there. The photos act as my own personal trigger, I can’t imagine what memories I would have without them."

Note: The partially obscured backup singer in the first photo is Sharon Robinson.