Joeri Verbiest - Turquoise


 Turquoise  Turquoise


Ofcourse I love Black and White        

and all that's in between


All that Purple, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Orange, shades of Grey

But I choose Appleblue/Oceangreen



Appleblue/Oceangreen, in other words Turquoise


That's the way I was taught,

16 years ago, in Antwerp, Belgium, Turquoise


I would always, have chosen for Red

cause thats the way I feel

But I took Turquoise 


The change from Blue into Green and conversely

probably, because the way it's functioning

Blend into eachother, Turquoise

just like Orange and Purple, but different



a symbiosis

Peaceful, it's power, healing, it's beauty

Heaven and Earth, a Tree by the water


Pure mystique, the feeling the sun gives too

iron, copper, bronze, silver, gold

real gold, like light gold 

yellow gold

Deep evening blue

with spring green

and a red candle for Love


 Appleblue/Oceangreen in other words Turquoise.


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