Gerrit van Elst - White?

I just can't choose.
White is a combination of three primary colours, red, green and blue.
 - A red Ferrari.
 - A green landscape with leafy forests and fields like in the Alps or Wales.
 - A blue jacket or shirt just because I look good in it.

I associate my love for a certain colour with moods, objects, impressions, memories and images in my head.
I just can't choose.

Sometimes I associate these same primary colours with things that are ugly, boring or even threatening.
 - The red of the countless fire-storms in Dresden.
 - A lake full of green algae.
 - A blue sky lasting months on end.


But also:
A sunny day in the fields around my grandfathers farm on the river IJssel and the yellow glow of the dandelions and the buttercups subtly interspersed with the purple/red of the dock weeds and the clear white, blue and red of the many other flowers.
I don't want to choose. 


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